... the mountain awaits you


Of all the seasons, the autumn is especially beautiful in the mountains. The weather is stable, the temperatures are comfortable and the wind is mild. The crystal clear autumn air refreshes our senses.


Saalbach-Hinterglemm is a true paradise for bike tours. There are 118 bike tours waiting for the bike-fans, including 7 bike routes, 96 mountain bike trails and 15 mountain bike Transalp tours. With a total length of 400 kilometers they invite you to explore them. Saalbach-Hinterglemm attracts visitors of all regions. In summer it is the perfect hikers spot and in winter the dream of every skier and snowboarder. But what is it that makes the autumn so special? Fresh air and cool temperatures provide the perfect conditions for biker. No other season offers you these conditions; perfect for long bike tours.


With all its positive characteristics, the autumn also confronts us with some challenges. The weather can change very quickly, leaves and the wind affect the biking conditions. Wetness, cold and different light situations are also playing an important role. But not to worry: there is not bad weather, only bad preparation.  If you are visiting us in autumn you will definitely need more biking clothes in your luggage, you will, on the other hand, have the mountains almost to yourself.



Biking in low temperatures: a good preparation is everything

Most of the time, the autumn is mild and steady, but there are also wet days. Especially in autumn, the weather conditions can change rapidly and surprise biker with a drizzle or heavy rain.


Biker have to keep in mind, that in autumn, the soil can be wet and leaves on the ground are slippery. That's why it is good to keep the prolonged braking distance and a reduced speed in mind. It is recommended to put on special winter wheels when driving in late autumn or winter. Generally speaking, you should also check the whole bike, specifically the tire pressure as well as the profile before every bike tour. 


In autumn and winter the days get shorter, the sun is lower and therefore the light during the day is not as good as it is in summer. When planning a bike tour it is essential to keep the length and the duration of the tour in mind. With bad weather conditions or if you have children or beginners with you, you need to calculate more time for a bike tour. Furthermore, proper clothing is important, it is best to wear bright coloured clothes and a couple of layers. Waterproof and breathable garments are the best choice for this cooler season. Keeping the body warm and being easily visible is essential in order to not be overlooked by other road users.


Our advice: Please make sure that you have a working light on your bike and check it again before every tour. We also recommend to take a helmet, protectors, spare bike tires and tire changing equipment, torch light, headband and gloves with you.


And the best of all: if you do not own a bike you can also come without one. In our hotel we rent bikes and e-bikes.



Biking and the variety of bike tours

One thing that makes biking in Saalbach-Hinterglemm very special is the number and variety of biking tours. If you seek adventure and bring bravery you will find your true paradise here. Top trails which in the midst of the alpine nature, guarantee amazing views. And in autumn the air is clearer and thus you can see even further.


Whether you are a beginner or already a pro, in Saalbach-Hinterglemm the choice is yours. Trails in their natural course, Freeride paths, forest trails or courses with rocky sections - biking in Saalbach is a pure nature experience. Along the trails you will find various Alm huts for breaks. A tasty "Kaiserschmarren" and a hot cup of tea provide you with new energy. Whether you use an e-bike for a comfortable tour, discover the countryside on a mountain bike or power yourself out with a racing bicycle, at some point you will want to take a break. Preparation is everything, so before starting your biking adventure, have a look at the level and length of the trails and inform yourself about the best spots for a stop. Sudden weather changes for the worse might make it better to quit biking until it gets better. In autumn and winter they can pose a challenge, particularly on longer tours. So don't forget to regularly check the weather conditions in order to avoid having to bike in cold and wet weather.


In our hotel we will provide you with all the information you need in regards to different bike trails and weather conditions in our region. Here you can find interesting articles, tours and other details.


With your "Jokercard" you can use the cable cars in Saalbach for free. But be aware, they stop operating in the beginning of October. In the shoulder season we gladly inform you about alternative routes.