Hotel Oberschwarzach: modern holidays on the farm

Comfortable, close to nature, and uniquely refreshing! 

Why don't you allow yourself a break. A break from everyday life, from its hustle and bustle, from the city. Strike out and be guided by nature. Close to nature and grounded: this is how our 4 Star Hotel Oberschwarzach awaits you with the best version of holidays on the farm.

For many generations the Feichtner family has been running not only the Hotel Oberschwarzach, but also the attached farm and therefore welcomes you to warm-hearted holidays on the farm. Cats, horses, goats, cows, and many other two- and four-legged friends find a loving home here: in winter down in the valley and in summer on our own alpine pasture. In summer, we hike to our alpine hut once a week. For us, spending holidays on the farm means that our young and adult guests actually have the opportunity to get to know our farm at first hand. We love to show you how our farm works and explain natural cycles to you –  holidays on the farm to experience and take part! 

Holidays on the farm with passionate farmers

We understand holidays on the farm as holidays in a personal, warm-hearted atmosphere. Grandpa Bertl, himself an impassioned  farmer, and this son-in-law Peter run the Oberschwarzach farm with a lot of commitment and heart. Here every cow is called by its name, every animal nourished and cherished personally. We respect the personalities of our beloved farm animals and set an example of how to treat animals mind- and respectfully. Being grounded and close to nature are two features that are of greatest importance to us - also when it comes to holidays on our farm.  

Understanding the cycles of nature

It is one of our greatest concerns that children understand where food comes from and how precious it is. No, cows are not colourful as shown in TV ads, milk does not come from the cooling shelf and meat not from the refrigerator. It takes a lot of patience, ressources, and energy until a meal is prepared and served on a plate. When spending their holidays on a farm, children automatically learn what it means to produce and prepare food. Together we bake bread, help milking the cows or feed our animals.

Holidays on the Oberschwarzach farm and with its animals

Getting to know animals is part of real holidays on the farm. In the shed, or in summer also on the alpine pasture, you can visit our cows, who provide us with fresh milk every day. Or ponies and horses enjoy the fresh air on the riding ground in front of our hotel. You can see them in action when you attend a pony riding lesson or a tour with our pony-drawn carriage. Of course, horse riding is also possible when you spend your holidays on our farm! When they are in a good mood, our goats, rabbits, and cats love to be cuddled and get a lot of attention and affection, especially by children. This turns holidays on the farm into an incredible adventure.  

Holidays on the farm is holidays surrounded by nature

We definitely live in the green countryside - and in winter in the white. No street passes our hotel. Instead, children can play and ride their bikes and scooters at the courtyard in front of our hotel without troubles. Despite the quite location, our hotel is to be found amidst the village of Hinterglemm and enables holiday on the farm close to the centre. In summer, there is a big playground that makes every child's heart beat faster. In winter, you can romp in the snow, while mum and dad enjoy the sun terrace. Holidays on the farm are not only about animal experiences, but also about the freedom to spend time in nature on a whim.

Your adventurous summer with holidays on the farm

Of course, holidays on the farm is an experience all throughout the year. But in summer, there is even more going on at the farm. Therefore, you can expect some exclusive summer highlight, first of all sleeping in the hay. Accompanied by our animals, we also go on a weekly hike to our alpine hut, where our cows spend the summer. Here you are allowed to lend a hand when we milk the cows, taste fresh milk or enjoy various cheese specialities – this is how holidays on the farm are supposed to be. If you like, you can also help out on the farm a little bit, for example by saddling and grooming the horses. 

Right in green nature: our farm hotel in Hinterglemm

Children can sit on the large relaxing green in front of the hotel and watch our horses and ponies graze on the paddock. The forest with thousands of options for adventure is less than a five-minute walk away. While there is a road leading to our farm hotel, it doesn’t go past it because you’ve arrived at your holiday destination!

Something you have to do at least once in your life: sleeping in the hay


Wrapped in the sleeping bag, surrounded by fragrant meadow hay and the giggling of other kids: a night in the hayloft is a very special experience! The tickling on your nose comes from a fragrant blade of grass or the first sunray of a new day. Now the kids have a lot to tell their parents.

Spa on the farm – what’s that?

Max, age 5 from Munich and spa expert, knows: “Spa is when all of us feel good. Mom is made beautiful, dad takes me to the ponies. And the food is so good!” We agree: spa on the farm is living in-sync with nature, recreation and treating yourself. What do you think?

Top ten for a family holiday at the farm hotel Oberschwarzach

What’s number one on the farm holiday charts for children? We asked our young experts and present you the results:

  • Petting rabbits and cats
  • Feeding goats and horses
  • Washing and nurturing ponies
  • Hiking on the mountain pasture with horses
  • Milking a cow with host Bartl
  • Drinking warm cow-milk and eating self-made cheese
  • Going on pony-drawn carriage rides
  • Clearing out the stables yourself
  • Being allowed to get dirty
  • Sleeping in the fragrant hay (July, August only)

Important information for your holiday at the farm hotel

Children are animals that can react spontaneously. Cats might claw, horses get startled. Please be deliberate and loving with our animals. We point out that you and your children enter all farm facilities at your own risk. Please pay attention to your children when they come in contact with animals!