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  • Horse stable

Family hotel with riding facilities in Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Riding on holiday: the greatest joy on earth

Riding on holiday in the province of Salzburg: even the youngest guests love to nurture and ride our ponies! Advanced riders and adults ride our big horses on the sand court or in the open field. Those looking to be comfortable enjoy the scenery passing by during a drive in the horse-drawn carriage.

Our family hotel with its own riding stable offers even in winter-time the opportunity to ride our ponies! On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the brave Shetland ponies are cleaned and saddled, then everyone is allowed to do a few rounds on the outdoor riding area. However, we do not operate a riding school: first and foremost, you’re supposed to have fun with our four-legged friends and enjoy your riding holiday securely and without pressure on horseback.

Children, saddle your steed!

Riding holiday in the province of Salzburg

During the winter-time, your children will have the opportunity to brush and ride our Shetland ponies twice a week as a part of our childcare. Those who want to can try riding for the first time on the lunge (for a fee). Children with riding experience are in good hands at a riding lesson (for a fee).

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  • rides and riding lessons

    Riding holiday for skilled horse fans

    Advanced children and adults experience the greatest joy on earth on the backs of our ponies and big horses during group and individual riding lessons. Experienced riders enjoy the gorgeously beautiful surroundings of Hotel Oberschwarzach during a one-hour ride accompanied by one of our riding instructors.

  • riding fun twice a day

    Pony riding in summer

    In summer-time your children and their carers can be found at the riding stables five days a week with joint activities such as cleaning the pony harness and much more. There’s always something to do in the stable! There is of course also riding at 9 am and 4 pm.

  • for children from the age of 6

    Ride on: lunge and riding lessons

    At the start of their riding career, your children learn the fundamental horse gaits on the lunge (a long rope on which the riding instructor lets the horse run in circles). Once they feel secure in walking, trotting and cantering, kids can take part in group riding lessons or hone their skills during individual lessons.

  • Important information

    for your riding holiday in Salzburg

    Our horses are well-behaved and balanced. That doesn’t change the facts that horses are, by nature, flight animals that can react spontaneously to impulses from its surroundings. Therefore, riding still has a dangerous tendency to it:
    please note that riding and handling horses at our farm happens at your own risk!

  • Best equipment

    for riding on the farm

    • Riding helmet: needs to be mounted securely, mustn’t slide on the head. (you can rent one at the stable)
    • Breeches: tight and elastic, prevents pressure marks and abrasions, for good saddle position.
    • Gloves: giving you a secure grip of the reins.
    • Riding half-boots, boots or solid, ankle-high shoes for best protection and a secure feeling in the step.

Riding on the farm Oberschwarzach

at a glance

  • Five ponies and three big horses at the hotel’s riding stable
  • Sand court 20 x 40 m
  • Lunge lessons for beginners
  • Group riding lessons for advanced riders
  • Individual lessons for advanced riders
  • Rides for skilled riders
  • Twice a week free pony riding during childcare in winter
  • Weekly free horse-drawn sled rides in winter for our guests
  • Twice a day free pony riding during childcare in summer
  • Weekly free horse-drawn carriage rides in summer for our guests
  • Weekly free pony-drawn carriage rides in summer for children
  • Weekly mountain pasture hike with the horses

Prices riding on holiday – Hotel Oberschwarzach

Riding, daily from Sunday to Friday (8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
An Icelandic horse, warm-blooded animals and a Haflinger are available for the riding lessons.

  • Riding lesson for beginners: € 18,00 / 15 min 
  • Riding lesson for beginners: € 29,00 / 30 min
  • Individual lesson: € 29,00 / 30 min
  • Individual lesson: € 38,00 / 45 min
  • Group lesson: € 24,00 / 30 min
  • Group lesson: € 29,00 / 45 min
  • Ride (only for experienced riders): € 38,00 / 45 min
  • Blocks of 5 or 10 can also be booked.
  • Of course we are also looking forward to adult riders.
  • On our 25 mx 45 m riding arena, with a professional sub-floor for our four-legged friends, the riding lessons take place in all weathers.
  • Free pony rides for all children take place twice a day (at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.)

Prices horse riding in winter holidays – Hotel Oberschwarzach

  • Riding lesson for beginners: € 19,00 / 15 minutes
  • Riding lesson for beginners: € 26,00 / 30 minutes 
  • single lesson: € 26,00 / 30 minutes
  • single lesson: € 34,00 / 45 minutes

For experienced riders only:

  • group riding lesson: € 22,00 / 30 minutes
  • group riding lesson: € 26,00 / 45 minutes

Horse riding daily from Monday to Friday by appointment.
An Icelandic horse, a crossbred horse and a Haflinger are available for the riding lessons.

  • Of course, we are also looking forward to adult riders. 
  • On our 25 m x 45 m riding arena with a professional sub-floor for our four-legged friends, the riding lessons take place in all weathers.
  • Free pony rides for all children take place twice a week

Tips for handling our horses

riding & more

  • Friendlily say hello to the horse you will ride: petting and kind words give it trust and calmness.
  • Never approach the horse from behind: always keep eye contact, or keep enough distance.
  • Be careful and affectionate during saddling and snaffling: put the saddle slowly and carefully on the horseback. Don’t brace to tight in the beginning. Wait until the horse willingly accepts the bit.
  • Get on the horse slowly and carefully; only louts flop on the horse’s back.
  • Treat your horse like a friend during the ride: kicking, hitting it, pulling the reins and ranting show poor manners!
  • Treat your horse decently after the ride: groom it, pet it, thank it.