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Horse rides and autumn time on the farm

Our horses are our little autumn luck. A ride on horseback is a real and wonderful experience of nature here on the farm in Oberschwarzach. Walking through the hoarfrost in the morning hours, when the meadows are still slumbering and the fields are shrouded in morning dew and light fog. When the air is mild and cool and you can breathe deeply, then rides are best.

You can feel the change in nature. Consciously perceive the play of colors and gently indulge in the paths of the Salzburger Land. Our four-legged friends also seem to love the autumn. The summer heat has long since subsided and the air has already cooled down pleasantly. The horses sweat less and enjoy the rides through the cool wet grass. Since our horses want to be moved all year round life on the farm never stands still. If you want to help you can help out with grooming and saddling. This way the horses get to know you better and gain trust.

It is also important to learn that riding pleasure goes hand in hand with lots of work. Our horses want to be looked after and cared for so that they are happy. Regular washing and brushing are part of it.

The animal farm life in autumn

Before the first frost our cows are led back from the Alm to the stables. That event is the so-called 'Almabtrieb' - a festive occasion throughout Austria, on which the cows are decorated with flowers and an all farm animals' “coming home” is celebrated. Animals that have spent the summer on the lush alpine meadows can now come back to the cozy stables in autumn. All around Saalbach there are of course festivities to celebrate this event, such as the 'Schafabtrieb' on the Gerstreitalm, approx. 30 minutes away from the hotel.

At our farm the cows are carefully housed in the barn. Children can now experience the animals under supervision. Goats and rabbits are also prepared for winter: We have to check whether the enclosures, pens and stables are in good condition or whether repairs need to happen. Animal cuddles are of course always welcome. Our smallest guests are allowed to give our animals a lot of attention at any time.

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Reiten im Herbst

Vorbereitung ist alles

Reiten im Herbst

Vorbereitung ist alles

Wer im Herbst reiten möchte, sollte auf wetterfeste Kleidung achten. Obwohl das Wetter meist beständig ist, kann es feucht und kalt werden. Festes Schuhwerk, mehrschichtige Kleidung und eine warme Kopfbedeckung sind zu empfehlen. Bei morgendlichen Ausritten sind auch Handschuhe notwendig. Helle Kleidung ist in der dunklen Jahreszeit zu bevorzugen. Die Tage werden kürzer und die Sonne steht tiefer. Lichtspiele können die Sichtbarkeit zwischen den Hügeln und Bäumen erschweren. Ob beim Wandern, Radfahren oder Reiten - wer am Berg im Herbst unterwegs ist, sollte gut vorbereitet und sicher ausgerüstet sein.

Doch keine Sorge, für Ausritte beraten wir euch gern und zeigen euch die schönsten Reitpfade. Alleine seid ihr also nicht, wir kümmern uns um eure Sicherheit und geben Auskunft zu regionalen Besonderheiten.