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Your host family for a perfect holiday with children

Hosts at Hotel Oberschwarzach

Being young parents ourselves, we as your hosts at the family hotel Oberschwarzach know exactly what is needed for an all-around successful holiday with children. Meet Renate, Peter and grandpa Bartl either at the hotel or on our farm. Here’s your chance to get to know us, the Feichtner family, a little!

For many years, the farm hotel Oberschwarzach has been a business where many generations have lived and worked. To us, as passionate hosts, family life and living with guests goes hand in hand with one another. Both factors merge into one gigantic Oberschwarzach family in a beautiful manner.

  • Senior manager with a heart for farming

    Host Bartl

    Renate’s father works together with son-in-law Peter on the hotel’s farm. He devotes himself completely to the wellbeing of the animals by working tirelessly on the farm and the mountain pasture. He explains the agricultural tasks to the children with great devotion thus allowing them to help out a lot with milking and feeding.

  • The hotel manager with a big heart

    Host Renate

    Bartl’s daughter Renate successfully completed her apprenticeship to become a hotel and restaurant assistant before taking over her parents’ hotel business in 2011. Renate is a great sport and attaches great importance to a good team climate. If she’s not in the hotel, Renate is either with her horse San-Lino or on the next slope. Her heart naturally belongs to her husband Peter and their daughter Lena.

  • Passionate farmer on the Oberschwarzach farm


    Renate’s husband Peter comes from a family in Saalbach that has been farming for generations. He’s been responsible for the animals and the entire Oberschwarzach farm with complete devotion since 2011. If he gets the chance in winter, he goes skiing with Renate. Their undisputed number one: daughter and sunshine Lena.

  • Allrounder with "LOVE FOR DETAIL"


    Ingrid, the oldest of the three girls, is in Oberschwarzach for the so-called "LOVE FOR DETAIL" with a lot of talent and dedication. In addition, it can also be found in the restaurant and at the reception. The all-rounder ☺ or "girl for everything", so to speak. Due to her many years of gastronomic experience, she always strives to pass on and teach a lot to her employees. With the "heart in the right place" she is satisfied, if both the guests and the staff are happy ... then you have found a home!

  • Horse lover and helping hand in the Oberschwarzach


    Sandra, the youngest of the three sisters, is currently completing a three-year training to become a sports physiotherapist and thus turns her hobby into her profession. Sandra is an enthusiastic horsewoman. When she is not riding her horse Brünette, she is probably hiking, climbing, skiing, ski touring or somewhere in the mountains (only mountain biking is not really her thing). During her holidays Sandra always helps out in our family hotel - today as a riding instructor, in the past also at the reception. As a graduate of a five-year hotel management school, Sandra is always a helping hand in our family business.

  • Pure bundles of energy

    Lena & Theresa

    We would like to introduce to you the two youngest ones of the Oberschwarzach family. Lena - funny and full of joie de vivre has a very cheerful nature and a very big animal lover. Her most favorite animals are, not surprisingly, horses. Lena is the first born and therefore the big sister of Theresa. And she really enjoys being that. Theresa, even still a little girl, has things under her control. Even though she is very young, she regularly explains to us how the world works :) . She is always in a good mood, even a little clown from time to time and a very big helper in our kitchen (for example with baking). We are very proud of our two little ones.

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The Oberschwarzach team

The good spirits for your holiday

The Oberschwarzach team

The good spirits for your holiday

All employees at Hotel Oberschwarzach are part of your host family. You will be able to see for yourself how important having fun working and the opportunity for personal development is at our business. The atmosphere at the Oberschwarzach is friendly, relaxed and laid-back.

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