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Massages and cosmetic treatments in the Oberschwarzach

"Do something good for your body
so that the soul feels like living in it.”

A professional full-body massage, a soothing facial treatment or a balancing treatment with hot stones - just let go, breathe deeply and relax, we'll do the rest.

Our massage program:

Massages are thousands of years old techniques for the prevention and treatment of complaints and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Of course, massages are also a treat for the soul, helping to reduce stress and provide complete physical and mental relaxation. We recommend that you book appointments for massages before you arrive!

Classic full body massage

Classic full-body massage of any intensity, with a focus on muscle relaxation.

classic | relaxing | beneficial

30 / 60 mins

Shoulder, neck and head massage

Classic head, shoulder and neck massage with a focus on relieving tension and increasing physical well-being.

classic | relaxing | decelerating

25 mins

Hot Stones

Balancing full body massage with hot stones. The warmth of the stones leads to a pleasant increase in blood circulation in the muscles and is therefore particularly relaxing.

balancing | relaxing | relaxing

80 mins

Foot reflexology

Special zones on the foot are treated with a pressure point massage, which can influence internal organs. This massage is particularly balancing.

balancing | invigorating | stimulating

25 mins

Children's massage

Gentle classic massage aimed at relaxation and loosening of muscles. This massage can also take place in the company of the parents.

relaxing | soothing | age appropriate

20 min

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Communication through touch


Communication through touch

Shiatsu combines the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with the knowledge of modern, western forms of therapy. This form of treatment is practiced with hands, elbows, knees and feet on the clothed body on a mat on the floor.

Pressure on the meridians (energy channels) releases congestion and tension and alleviates pain. A state of relaxation is achieved and mental balance is promoted.
Stretching, rocking techniques, rotations and the inclusion of acupuncture points complement this holistic technique. The aim of the treatment is the free flow of energy and thus a strengthening of body and mind.

Shiatsu is suitable for people of all ages as this method is adapted to the individual needs and wishes of the client. Shiatsu is also suitable for accompanying and reducing symptoms during and after pregnancy as well as for children.


Shiatsu for adults (approx. 50 minutes) € 80.00
Shiatsu for adults (approx. 75 minutes) € 120.00

A Shiatsu treatment takes about 50 minutes, but allow yourself an hour because there is also a short preliminary talk.

Shiatsu for children (approx. 30 minutes) € 39.00

The treatment gives the children security and support and they get to know their bodies better in a playful way.

Send us an appointment request for your wellness break in Oberschwarzach to [email protected]

Our cosmetic treatments

Appointments for cosmetic treatments are made at reception. We recommend that you reserve appointments for cosmetic treatments before you arrive!

Face Care Base

Cleansing, gentle enzyme peeling, mineral tonic,
Hyaluron Booster, massage, revitalizing mask,
final care

€ 65.00 / 50 minutes

Face Care Small

Cleansing, tonic, serum, jade stone massage, mask,
final care

€ 45.00 / 30 minutes

Face Care Balance

Cleansing, enzyme peeling, mineral tonic, cleansing
soothing mask, balancing jade stone massage,
final care

€ 85.00 / 70 minutes

Face Care Lift Deluxe

Cleansing, mint peeling, mineral tonic, lifting ampoule,
stimulating massage with Oigen Oil, eye serum, nourishing
Lifting mask, final care, including hand pack
and shape eyebrows

€ 98.00 / 80 minutes

Body Care

Whole body peeling with sugar, honey, coconut oil
Whole body cream pack with cocoa butter/shea butter

€ 35.00 / each 20 min

Men Care

Cleansing, mint vitalize peeling, small massage,
Revitalizing mask, final care

€ 49.00 / 45 minutes

With cleansing € 15.00 / 15 min

Eye Care Lift

Cleansing, massage of the eye area, eye mask,
Lifting Eye Serum

€ 40.00 / 25 minutes

Shape eyebrows

€ 12.00 / 10 minutes

Dye eyelashes

€ 17.00 / 15 minutes

Dye eyebrows

€ 12.00 / 10 minutes


Hand bath, removing cuticles, filing nails,
Nail care oil, hand cream

€ 45.00 / 40 minutes


Foot bath, trimming/filing nails, cuticles and calluses
remove, foot balm

€ 55.00 / 50 minutes

Extra nail polish

€ 12.00 / 10 minutes


€ 45.00 / 30 min

Remove shellac

€ 25.00 / 20 min

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