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Autumn time is harvest time

Autum time is the time for connoisseurs

With the harvest time and the change of nature comes the time for enjoyment. If you are tired of autumn you probably have to be reminded of the beautiful things of autumn. Walks and hikes in the fresh autumn air are among our favorite activities. The mountain is wrapped in a brightly colored dress and the autumn sun still warms and refreshes the senses. The forest smells. Anyone who deliberately danders through nature will notice that valuable treasures can be found right now: wild berries, mushrooms, the fresh harvest of apples, plums and various herbs from the region. Colorful treasures of nature refine and complement our regional delicacies. Autumn is the time for connoisseurs. The best time of the year to bring the family together and feast together.

At our farm hotel is a lot to discover and experience, especially for the younger guests. The Oberschwarzach kitchen sizzles, bakes and cooks. The most beautiful farmer's delicacies are prepared here with lots of love and fresh products from our region. Bread baking is a big event for little gourmets. Those who like to knead and help in the kitchen can even take part in the making.

Thanksgiving and Harvest Festival

We are grateful and celebrate

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated in late September or early October. We are grateful for the precious harvest and say goodbye to summer in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Colorful vegetables, fruits and bread are thanked and exhibited for the festival, but also the gifts of our animals, such as milk and eggs. With us, children can learn where nature's products come from and how they are harvested.

If you want to help us in the kitchen, you can be there to bake bread. Fresh farmer's bread smells heavenly and also brings joy when kneading the dough. By the way, we will tell you our secret recipe for the delicious bread. A highlight for our little helpers.

Of course, our herb garden is also wild. This throws a regular harvest and provides us with healthy gifts from spring to autumn. Food is deliciously refined, but other products are also made from it. Delicious syrup for example and honey are prepared in a natural way and offered in-house. It tastes best when it comes fresh out of your own garden.

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Hut feast on autumn hikes

What could be nicer than having one snack breaks or two on long hikes? However, if you are traveling with children, you should plan some breaks in huts and Alms. This is not only fun and keeps you in the mood for hiking, it also makes you feel gentle and warm. A hearty Rösti pan, farmer's donuts or a good alpine roast can make the lunch break a pleasure. A piece of quark cake or a portion of Kaiserschmarrn afterwards provide new energy for the second hiking tour. In many huts you can enjoy regional specialties in a rustic and family-friendly atmosphere. Many Alms have children's playgrounds and animals such as goats or sheep on site. Little adventurers will certainly not get bored with a visit to the Alms. While the children play and romp, parents are welcome to take time for a glass of wine or beer and enjoy the peace and quiet. Gourmets should take the time for a fine drop, especially in autumn.

Out of the garden onto the table

Out of the garden onto the table

Autumn is actually the time of year when the farm is traditionally very busy. After summer, the harvest is due and the meadows receive their last cut of grass. From August onwards, many of our fruits will ripen and complement our meals on the farm very well. Children love to help with the picking and to snack on the side. However, the fruit harvest is far from over in August. Our apples only ripen in Indian summer and autumn and can also be harvested. Fruits are washed after they have been collected, processed into juices and jams or boiled down to preserve them. You will then find the jams to taste on our breakfast buffet.

The last herbs and vegetables are to be harvested in our garden. The plants that are not hardy are then removed from the garden so that the soil can be turned over. Everything is now being prepared for a new seed so that first plants will stick their heads out of the ground then in spring time.

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Our hotel is expanding!

We are ready!

Our hotel is expanding!


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