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Romantic winter tours

Snowshoe hiking in the Glemmtal

Sunny slopes, snowy forests and snow-covered mountain peaks promise snowshoe hikers ideal conditions for snowshoe tours. Over 40 km of winter hiking and snowshoe trails offer a wonderful setting in untouched nature. Absolute silence far away from traffic and everyday life bring peace and serenity when hiking through the snowy winter landscape. Snowshoeing in powder snow is an experience in itself. Saalbach Hinterglemm presents its romantic side and enriches your vacation with fanastic winter memories.

The snowshoe and its popularity

Of course, we also offer snowshoe hikes - if required, we will be happy to get you some snowshoes and have numerous tips and recommendations ready for you.

Generally speaking, snowshoes are aids for moving around in snow. Common in many snow areas. They distribute the weight of the hiker over a larger area so that the feet do not sink into the snow. Snowshoeing is a popular sport in the mountains. In contrast to winter hiking, on a snowshoe hike you are on tour in open terrain and not on cleared hiking trails. Quite similar to ski touring. The snowshoe originally comes from North America and was once used as a work tool to stay mobile in order to get the work done even in deep snow. Modern snowshoes for use in alpine areas are usually equipped with spikes, a gripping claw on the underside and a climbing aid to find support even in harder snow parts and steep terrain.

When choosing the right shoe for snowshoeing, the weight of the hiker should be considered. The heavier the person, the larger the appropiate snowshoe must be.

So, when does it make sense to exchange hiking boots for snowshoes? Whenever you go into the terrain away from common paths and whenever snow is more than 40 cm deep. Then it is indeed fun to go on a snowshoe hike.

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Do you have to learn snowshoeing?

Yes and no. If you want to be on the move through the snow-covered landscape, you of course need some training. The technique of snowshoeing is easily explained though: If you are hiking uphill, it is best to unfold the climbing aids on your shoes. These put the foot in an almost horizontal postion so that the mountain can be climed optimally. This makes walking uphill easier. Once you go downhill on a snowshoe hike, you can often just slide down. In order to do this, you lean back a little and glide down the slope with slightly bent knees. The snowshoe tour is made easier and more pleasant that way. On guided snowshoe hikes, the technique to be used is well explained and the guide naturally gives tips and advice on how to overcome difficult areas in the terrain.

But as with any sport it is mainly learning by doing. Snowshoe hikes are suitable for young and old, for families, beginners and mountain sports professionals. So snowshoeing is for everyone and is also becoming increasingly popular. The equipment for this can be borrowed on site. 

Tips for a snowshoe tour

Tips for a snowshoe tour

When snowshoing, as with any hike, we should always hike with consideration for nature and wildlife. Even selected routes require local knowledge, planning and experience. With snowshoes you move in open terrain with all its dangers, espeically in winter. Anyone who has no knowledge of avalanches is better advised to take a guided snowshoe tour. Local tour guides know the Alpine region, suitable circuits, huts to stop off at, various high-altitude trails and also know when and how much physical effort is required and when to take breaks. If you want to try yourself out on your own, you should start with easier tours and perhaps not stray too far from the hotel or surrounding huts.

Equipment for a snowshoe tour includes:

  • snowshoes
  • walking sticks
  • appropiate clothing, depending on the weather
  • sufficient food
  • Emergency equipment, including telephone, first aid kit, rescue blanket and possibly avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel 

You can obtain further information and advice on site at our Hotel Oberschwarzach. Tourist information is also available online.

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