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A piece of winter happiness

Winter hiking in Austria around the Hotel Oberschwarzach

Especially in winter, hiking itself becomes the destination. A walking tour through the snow-covered region of Saalbach Hinterglemm in beautiful Austria makes us not only hike more slowly through the snow, but also to pause here and there, switch off and enjoy. When hiking in winter you can enjoy untouched nature in relaxing stillness and tranquility.

Winter hikes are made for letting go of everyday life and for slowing yourself down. Those who want to explore the region in winter without a lot of equipment will love winter hiking. The tranquility of the snowy slopes and fantastic views create unforgettable adventure tours. Whether on  guided winter hikes or when exploring the winter hiking trails by yourself - the Glemmtal displays true winter magic. The snowy winter landscape touches us and brings serenity to the mind. We find our balance during a winter hike.

Winter hiking with the whole family

In Saalbach-Hinterglemm there are a variety of winter hiking trails and routes. Dreamy winter hiking trails make for leisurely strolls through Salzburger Land. Especially with children, it is important to provide adventure along the way and take plenty of breaks - we are happy to recommend routes with inns and snack stations. Hikes to the Simalalm, Limbergalm or Spielberghaus are ideal. Once you have arrived at the Spielberghaus, you can enjoy a tasty snack after the hike. If you want to deviate from the hiking trail on your return, you can take a different route to the valley. The cold season invites you to go tobogganing afterwards: A 3 km long illuminated toboggan run leads directly from the Spielberghaus towards Saalbach. Perfect for whizzing past deep snow on the way back.

Numerous groomed winter hiking trails also lead to other alpine pastures and huts, which are wonderfully accessible by snow hiking. Winter hiking trails are usually cleared so that you can enjoy the snow-covered landscape all around you leisurely on your hiking tour. Snow hiking or winter hiking offer parents and children an exuberant activity on the mountain.

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Winter hiking - a different way of being active during winter holidays

Just because you do not explore the landscape on skis does not mean that you are less active or sporty when winter hiking! When hiking in the snow you need endurance, muscle strength and a good sense of direction. Anyone who goes on a hike in the snow through the high valleys of Austria must be well prepared.

Depending on whether the winter hike includes a hut tour or a day hike, the hiking backpack must be well packed. Clothing is an important point, because anyone who hikes in winter can be surprised by weather changes or darkness. Whether hiking or standing during a break, clothing with several layers is an advantage. Hiking trails are often slippery and it can be difficult to walk on snow and ice. Therefore, good boots and additional equipment are a must for winter hikes. Depending on how long the winter hike lasts and how cold temperatures are on the hiking trail, a different number of layers of clothing will be required. Also good shoes and warm gloves as well as headgear must be taken into account. The most beautiful winter hiking trails become a challenge in sub-zero temperatures and a strong wind if you are wrongly dressed or underdressed. Every winter hike naturally includes provisions. A thermos with tea, sandwiches and power bars are ideal for a tour.

On every winter hike it is important to protect yoursef from the cold, from moisture, wind, hunger and thirst, but also from exhaustion! If you do not know your limits, you can quickly find yourself exhausted and perhaps too weak to return. Under any circumstances it is better to cancel a tour early in order to not take any unnecessary risks. It is alwys better to be safe, than sorry.

The wintry view beckons into the Glemmtal

The wintry view beckons into the Glemmtal

We just love our "Home Of Lässig"! We notice it especially when walking in nature and even more when hiking in the snow: The view of the white, glittering Alps is simply unbeatable. From easy to difficult, well cleared and suitable for families - winter hikes are popular with families as well as active tourists in Austria. Saalbach Hinterglemm is a true winter hiking region. Winter hiking trails lead through the Glemmtal into small forests, past rivers and to lookout points above the valley. A snow hike as a guided hike is particularly popular with families and beginners. They provide a lot of information about the mountains and the region itself during an active walk on high alpine trails.

Information about snow hikes and various offers is also available from us on site. We look forward to accompanying you through nature.

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